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01 Jan

Happy New Year from the Gingerbread Gallery!

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The Gingerbread Gallery

The Gingerbread Gallery

Happy New Year, everyone!

This year I had the opportunity to learn how to make my first “Gingerbread Art Gallery”. I knew my daughter Heather had experience in building gingerbread houses so I invited her teach me how to make one.

A fun 10 hours later and the gingerbread convection came to life! The ingredients are tasty with the roof being made from fruit rollups, the floor is gingerbread like the rest of the house, the icicles are icing. The snowman is made of solid chocolate and was given to us by a friend. Yes, we’ll be eating that one soon!

The shrubs and trees are all sprigs of evergreen taken from a wreath another friend gave to us. If you look closely in the second photo below, you can get a glimpse of the ‘paintings’ hanging on the walls; these are actually my magnets, which we baked into the gingerbread shell. (Magnets are available from our gift shop.)

The path is made from mocha brickle, and the gallery sits on a base that is covered in icing. To complete this Christmas vignette, we sprinkled coconut flakes on the ground and roof, and added Christmas tree lights to the interior, with two that poke through the wall, lighting up the sign. The goal was to create a ‘sustainable house’, in the sense of being able to eat or re-use all parts of it.

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