Kauai: The Verdant Volcano

kauai-sculptureThis sculpture of Kauai depicts the volcanic nature of the island. Lava flows are still present and lend a natural beauty to the earth’s red foundation. When sculpting this island, it was great fun to learn about Kauai’s canyons, its famous Napali Coast, and its cheery lighthouse. The island’s volcanic geology and geography have captured my interest and I’ve now added Kauai to my top list of places I’d like to visit.

I created this island sculpture of Kauai, Hawaii for a client who loves to travel there often with his family.  As I have not been to Kauai, I relied on my client’s photographs, coupled with satellite images of the island and its topography in order to create the sculpture.

A hand painted reproduction of this sculpture can be created, using my new plaster and mold process.  If you are interested, please contact me.