Poppy Oasis

Poppy Oasis

View Purchase OptionsOil painting on canvas by Kathy Shute, Artist

Description by Heather Rice, Sustainability Educator

“Like a company of flamenco dancers, these brilliant California Poppies sway proudly in a pool of afternoon light. Dressed in a deep orange that is stunning against the arid landscape, they tantalize pollinators with their “copas de oro,” or cups of gold.

Poppy Oasis

My Inspiration for Poppy Oasis

These delicate flowers are remarkably well-adapted to the sandy soils and annual droughts of California. They are both an attractive provider of habitat for other organisms and an archetype of fecundity amidst adverse conditions.

Look carefully and you will see a beetle heading for the shade of this haven. Listen closely and you may even hear the ephemeral creek running nearby, engendering a sense of serenity to the passersby. This “Poppy Oasis” is one of nature’s small, yet vital refuges for the weary.

This particular bunch of poppies, probably of the species Eschscholzia Californica, was seen by the artist in their home at Limestone Canyon, Trabuco CA. The California Golden Poppy was voted the official State Flower in 1890.”    — Heather Rice, Sustainability Educator

Poppy Oasis Reproductions and Gifts

Poppy Oasis is available on mugs, note cards, and other personal gifts in my Gift Shop.

My vendor for quality print reproductions is Fine Art America – a well-respected art reproduction company. They utilize a process called Giclee, which captures the details of my original paintings.

Poppy Oasis reproductions can purchased on canvas, museum quality prints, posters, and more. Artwork can be purchased in any quantity and includes options for custom matting and framing.

View Poppy Oasis on Fine Art America:

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